Want To Make 2017 The Year You Finally Begin Investing? What Experts Predict Will Be The Best Investments Of The Year

Do you want to retire someday but are afraid you won’t be able to afford to quit your job? Find out how a financial advisor can help.

Want To Make 2017 The Year You Finally Begin Investing? What Experts Predict Will Be The Best Investments Of The Year

20 January 2017
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You probably began hearing about the benefits of investing your money when you were just in high school. At the time, you may have scoffed at the idea of letting your money leave your hands for a period of time when you could be spending it on other things. However, like many adults, you likely wonder what would have happened if you would have followed that well-meaning advice of teachers and parents -- could you be a millionaire now if you had just made a few investments at a young age? 

While you cannot turn back time, you can make 2017 the year you finally begin investing and looking forward to a good return on your dollar later that makes the slight pain of letting money leave your hands now lead to a great reward later. Read on to learn what the experts have to say are the best investments and investment strategies for 2017. 

Personal Finance Expert Jeff Reeves Shares His Top Stock Picks for 2017

Investing in stocks can be a great way to "get your feet wet" in investing. There is no minimum number of stocks you can invest in, which means you can start with very little cash, and you can really have fun tracking your stocks over the years and see whether their value is rising or lowering. Of course, everyone wants to invest in stocks that pay off in the end instead of dwindling in value, so it is a good idea to look into the advice of the financial planning experts when choosing stocks to invest in. 

Personal finance expert Jeff Reeves shared his top five stock picks for 2017 with Forbes.com magazine, and he predicts that the stock value of internet giants Facebook and Amazon will continue to rise throughout the year. His three additional stock picks include Visa, JP Morgan Chase Bank, and SPDR S&P Biotech ETF. The latter pick is not a stock but instead an ETF, which stands for Exchange Traded Fund; when you purchase an ETF share, you are investing in a portfolio of companies in the same industry instead of just one. This means that the value of the stock does not rise and fall as the value of just one company rises and falls but rather as the industry grows or falls in demand. 

Investment Expert Matthew Frankle's Investment Tips for the New Year

When deciding what to invest in, it is a good idea to look into the advice of many financial experts because they don't always agree on which investments are truly best in the current economic and business climate. Even the most intelligent, well informed investment adviser can expect the value of a stock or ETF to rise based on the information they currently have yet end up being "wrong" at the end of the year simply because no one can truly predict the future.

However, when many experts agree that an investment is a great one, it is a sign that, while there is a certain amount of risk involved in every investment, there is a good chance those picks will pay off.

Investment expert Matthew Frankle agrees that the value of not just JP Morgan Chase stocks, but also those of other banks, such as Bank of America, may rise dramatically this year, making them great stocks to invest in now. He also agrees that ETFs are great investments for the year, especially financial sector ETFs. 

In addition, he believes that retail investments in the form of REITs, or Real Estate Investment Trusts, are great to invest in this year due to their low current value (and price) that he predicts will rise greatly in the future. 

He also suggests that if you are still living in an apartment, now is a great time to finally purchase a home. Along with the always-present fact that purchasing a home allows you to stop virtually "throwing money away" on rent, he also predicts that the value of that home will rise in the next five years. 

If you wish you had begun investing years ago, then stop procrastinating and finally begin investing in 2017. The investment world can be confusing for a beginner, so it is best to find a good investment service to help you get started. Their financial planning experts can help you decide which investments are right for you based on your current income and investment goals, and this personalized advice can help you avoid losing money and instead begin earning passive income all year. 

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