The Best Ways To Spot A Fake Bill

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The Best Ways To Spot A Fake Bill

23 May 2016
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Counterfeit money detection pens are used to identify computer-generated counterfeit money. The detector pen reacts with starch, commonly found in funny money, which makes it easier to determine if the money is fake. Money that is created by criminals using regular printer paper will be identified through this method.

Counterfeit Pens

The great thing about the counterfeit money detection pens is that they do not require any training. The pen simply needs to be drawn over the bill. A biodegradable pastel coloring is sometimes released from the pen, which makes it easier to know which bills have already been screened.

Security Ribbons

Counterfeit detection pens are best when used in combination with other methods, since there are some ways that counterfeiters can bypass them. One way to identify a real dollar bill is to look at the security ribbon. Hold the money to the light and tilt it back and fort. The light should cause the ribbon to become visible. If you tilt the note, you will notice that the inkwell on the note changes colors as the dollar is tilted.

The Feel Of The Bill

Spend some time feeling the money. You have likely felt a lot of money throughout your life, so you should know what it is supposed to feel like. If you notice anything wrong with how the money feels, it is more likely that the dollar is a fake.

Comparing The Bill To Another One

If you still can't tell, take another dollar that you know is real and compare it to the fake one. Sometimes, comparing two side-by-side can make it more clear which one is real and which is the fake.

The Sharpness Of The Portrait

The techniques used to print money are difficult for a counterfeiter to duplicate. The lines of the portrait should look very sharp and distinct. Otherwise, the finer details should blur together more and should not look as sharp.

The Security Numbers

Dollars come with security numbers. If you have a legitimate dollar, the security numbers should all match up. Otherwise, the numbers should look more wiggly. If you have more than one dollar from the same source, compare them to make sure that the serial number is not the same on each one. Each bill is supposed to have a unique serial number. If you are uncertain, always ask the purchaser if they have a different set of bills they could provide you.

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