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What Changes Are Coming To Your Business’s Taxes In 2017?

7 February 2017
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For a small business owner, late winter and early spring may be an especially hectic time of year—not only are you dealing with shorter days (and tempers), but you're required to file a number of different tax documents with state, local, and federal departments of revenue well before the fated April 15 deadline. And with legislative bodies tweaking tax laws each year, keeping up with changing due dates and eligibility guidelines on top of the day-to-day responsibilities of running a business can be exhausting. Read More …

Want To Make 2017 The Year You Finally Begin Investing? What Experts Predict Will Be The Best Investments Of The Year

20 January 2017
 Categories: Finance & Money, Articles

You probably began hearing about the benefits of investing your money when you were just in high school. At the time, you may have scoffed at the idea of letting your money leave your hands for a period of time when you could be spending it on other things. However, like many adults, you likely wonder what would have happened if you would have followed that well-meaning advice of teachers and parents -- could you be a millionaire now if you had just made a few investments at a young age? Read More …

Give Your Kids the Gift that Keeps on Giving—Gold Coins

17 January 2017
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A recent study conducted by the Toy Industry Association revealed that parents will spend, on average, approximately $6,500 on toys during the lifetime of their children. Parents also buy their children thousands of dollars of clothing over the years. Sadly, many of these items will be barely played with or worn before they are tossed out or given away to a charity. The money spent on those items could be potentially wasted. Read More …

Cash Loans Are Great, But There Are Things To Think About Before Agreeing To Borrow The Money

20 February 2014
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One of the worst things you can do in Vegas is to take out a cash loan so that you can gamble. Another bad idea is to suddenly decide to tie the knot while you are there. Las Vegas is a place where almost anything goes, and a lot of people end up making bad decisions while they are there. Taking out cash loans in Las Vegas is not a bad idea in all situations though. Read More …

Debt And The Financial Advisor In Myrtle Beach South Carolina

10 January 2014
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A common reason why many families are not able to meet all of their financial goals is due to debt. Many of these families don't understand how damaging debt can be. Even supposedly good debt such as home mortgages and student loans can be too high. That is why the financial advisor in Myrtle Beach South Carolina will often have to spend time reviewing the debt of the client during a session. Read More …

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