Do you want to retire someday but are afraid you won’t be able to afford to quit your job? Find out how a financial advisor can help.

Construction Projects – How Contractors Can Protect Their Business

6 March 2017
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Contractors work on hundreds of homes each year. It is common in this industry to use subcontractors to help with completing projects. If you have a homeowner in your development who is not happy with the work done by your subcontractor, then your company could suffer because of your subcontractor's negligence. Construction conflicts have a negative impact on the builder and their business. Read on to find out how contractors can protect their company. Read More …

What To Do If You Fear Your Elderly Loved One Was The Victim Of Identity Theft

1 March 2017
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When you have an elderly loved one that you help care for and look out for, it may be disheartening to discover that your loved one may be the victim of identity theft. There are many people in the world that target and attempt to exploit elderly people because they assume that those people do not know better themselves or do not have advocates looking out for them. However, if you are looking out for them and spot signs of trouble, you may be able to help your elderly loved one take back control of their identity and track down the person who victimized them. Read More …

What Changes Are Coming To Your Business’s Taxes In 2017?

7 February 2017
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For a small business owner, late winter and early spring may be an especially hectic time of year—not only are you dealing with shorter days (and tempers), but you're required to file a number of different tax documents with state, local, and federal departments of revenue well before the fated April 15 deadline. And with legislative bodies tweaking tax laws each year, keeping up with changing due dates and eligibility guidelines on top of the day-to-day responsibilities of running a business can be exhausting. Read More …

Want To Make 2017 The Year You Finally Begin Investing? What Experts Predict Will Be The Best Investments Of The Year

20 January 2017
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You probably began hearing about the benefits of investing your money when you were just in high school. At the time, you may have scoffed at the idea of letting your money leave your hands for a period of time when you could be spending it on other things. However, like many adults, you likely wonder what would have happened if you would have followed that well-meaning advice of teachers and parents -- could you be a millionaire now if you had just made a few investments at a young age? Read More …

Give Your Kids the Gift that Keeps on Giving—Gold Coins

17 January 2017
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A recent study conducted by the Toy Industry Association revealed that parents will spend, on average, approximately $6,500 on toys during the lifetime of their children. Parents also buy their children thousands of dollars of clothing over the years. Sadly, many of these items will be barely played with or worn before they are tossed out or given away to a charity. The money spent on those items could be potentially wasted. Read More …

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